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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution through the use of a neutral third party who attempts to assist the parties to effectively communicate and resolve disputes. In the context of family law this process.

Divorce Coaching

As a divorce coach, our work together would be focused on helping you and your family to the bright new future ahead of you. We will work from where you are now to where you want to be in the future and create a plan and roadmap that works for you.

Where Do I Start?

Parties who are informed and educated about their options early in the process are always better off because they are able to have an active role in their divorce. Learn how to start the process by Designing Your Divorce.

Erin Pennock is a devoted collaboratively trained and experienced mediator and divorce coach with in Belmont, Massachusetts.

It is her belief that a less adversarial process is oftentimes the best choice for families in the long run and she is dedicated to helping families and individuals navigate the divorce process. Parties going through a divorce deserve to be educated and informed and Erin works with parties so that they feel a part of the process and are equipped with the tools to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

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    When confronted with divorce, a child custody dispute, or the death of a loved one, Attorney Pennock understands that this is a stressful and overwhelming time. Attorney Pennock is an experienced family law attorney and mediator who takes a personalized approach to each of her clients and the couples she works with. Erin will take all of the necessary time to obtain a thorough understanding of your primary concerns and goals and explain your options in clear, understandable language so you can make the best choice for you and your family.


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    Smart, Savvy, Efficient and Ethical.
    Atty Pennock inherited my case after 300 pleadings had already been filed - I was stunned at her ability to drill down to the salient points immediately. She worked efficiently, and absolutely does not waste the client's time - which I still find amazing. I found her tough, practical and she got the job done--she steered the ship through very rocky waters like a seasoned pro. Frankly she was able to do twice as much in half the time as my previous legal team - who were very capable lawyers; she is a gem.


    Erin Pennock -- Highly Recommended
    Erin took my case in the fall 2010. It was a complex civil matter that required an experienced, knowledgeable and diligent legal representative.

    Erin quickly demonstrated that she was up to the task. She was able to resolve my case with an extremely favorable outcome. Erin & her team handled all of the legal and administrative aspects of the case very efficiently on the back end, with minimal involvement from me.

    I will absolutely retain Erin for my legal needs moving ahead, and have recommended her to friends and family as well.


    Great Experience with Prenup
    I had a great experience with Erin as she helped me navigate a prenuptial agreement. She really took the time to help me understand every component and was really a great advocate for me when going back and forth with my spouse's attorney. She made sure that I understood every detail before signing. She made the whole process easy and seamless- I would highly recommend her.


    Honest and Prompt: Highly Recommended
    I hired Erin for my relatively amicable divorce case. I was clear from the get go with her that I wanted avoid litigation at (almost) all costs.

    I'd highly recommend Erin to anyone getting divorced in Massachusetts, particularly if they want someone honest who is actually fighting for them, and who isn't just out there to maximize the amount of money they get from a client.


    Uncontested divorce
    I came to Erin after reading that she was "brass tacks". My husband and I had already divided our assets, and I needed an attorney to draft the agreement. She was efficient, asked good questions, and provided practical advice about the process and documents. She did not waste time (and billable hours) trying to be a marriage counselor or mediator, as another attorney had. She provided what I needed, which was plainly stated legal advice. I would definitely recommend her to others.


    Erin Pennock - excellent attorney
    I have worked with Erin Pennock since December 2010 while I was getting divorced. When that became final in Dec 2011, I have used her a few more times on related matters as currently as March 2014. She is professional, responsive and is honest about what she believes could or could not happen. She will not tell you just what you want to hear. Whenever I am doubting what I think I should do, she is there to talk it out with me and provide me with pros and cons of every situation. If you ever need a family attorney for divorce, custody situation, etc, you cannot go wrong with Erin Pennock.


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